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1-business-growthHow many times must a company make contact before a new potential customer buys?  The statistics say at least 3 and as many as 12.  Studies show that 24% of people buy after 3 contacts, 14% after 4 contacts, 15% after 5, and 29% after six to 10 contacts.  Those numbers represent 82% of the buyers so where are the other 18%?  Well, either they buy at the first or second contact or they aren’t buyers at all.  The point is, if you’re not following up at least three times, you’re losing sales!

Don’t make the mistake of sending cards for just the traditional holidays.  Of course, you should remember your customers with a business birthday card and business holiday cards however, don’t rule out the non-traditional holidays as a great way for building relationships with your customers.  Remember that your competitors may be sending these same customers correspondence for these same occasions.  You’ll need to stand out from the rest and sending business greeting cards for unusual holidays will do just that.

Examples of holidays to send cards for:  Depending on your business there are many additional holidays and events you can send cards for.  You can find more by visiting sites that list these holidays like http://www.holidays.net/ there are many other sites that provide this service just do a little Googling for words like Bizarre, Wacky, or Unique Holidays to find something appropriate for your business.  Here’s an example of some November Holidays and December Holidays to get you started.  But there are many more and doing a little research will help you find them.  Just remember that you may be the only one to make contact for these little known days and not only well you will stand out in your customers mind but they will likely tell someone else about your contact.  Be creative.

April Fools Day, Earth Day, New Moon, May Day, Fall Equinox, United Nations Day, Oatmeal Month, Betsy Ross’ Birthday, Paul Revere’s Birthday, Run It Up the Flagpole and See if Anyone Salutes Day, Humiliation Day, Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Bubble Bath Day, Puculiar People Day, National Popcorn Day, National Kazoo Day, Backward Day, Creative Romance Month, Thank a Mailman Day, Lame Duck Day, Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbor Day, Summer Solstice, Toothache Day, Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day, Walking the Dog Day, Humble Day, Leap Day, National Bubble Week, Dentists’ Day, Solar Eclipse, Be Nasty Day, Johnny Appleseed Day, Earmuff Day, Incredible Kid Day, Near Miss Day, National “Joe” Day, Something on a Stick Day, Bunsen Burner Day, I am In Control Day.